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Jan. 25th, 2009 @ 11:41 pm BLOGGGG

okayy so i haven't really written a blog yet :/... i kinda didn't know how till sarahhh showed me how and showed me all her BEAUTiFUL blogs haha hmmmmm what to write about... well this weekend was interesting.  i had friday and saturday off :] which is defff a first but i had tons todo so it was good.  After school on friday me and frances went to pick up one our best friend that we didnt see for like everrrrrrr.  we drove around for a while running a bunch of errands for my friends baby shower that i hosted onb saturday.... then we hung out at sarahs and went to a partayyyyy. actually it ws kinda LAME lol so me and frances left and hung out at a park with our friends till like 3 in the morning, i knowww were crazyy.. so then i had to wake up saturday morning super early to make food and decorate my house for the baby shower. There ended up being about fourty people and was wayyyy funn, we deff pulled out the rock band and jammed for a good couple hours :]  after me, prego girl and about four of our friends decided we were gonna have a girls night out....we went to seattle to a hooka and walked over fourty blocks around seattle...it ws deffinatly a memorable night.

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