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Feb. 24th, 2009 @ 12:16 pm Phone Drama
Soooooo last weekend on saturday was horrible.  It started out with me having to work on valentines day, which was fine but super boring.  Then i was only scheduled to work till 9:30pm not till closing and my manager made me still till 10:10pm even though i told her i couldn't work late becasue i had to be to seattle by 11:00pm.  I was super angry when i got off work casue i still had to go to federal way from auburn and pick Frances up then whange and head to seattle.  Because we didn't arrive to the club in seattle before 11:00pm we had to pay a cover charge.  In addition when we first parked and went to get out of my car, this man came up to us and told me that I couldnt park there.  So we got back in the car and drove off to find another parkiong spot.  Little did i know that i had left my cell phone on the roof of my car.  :[ so before we even went into the club we spent 15 min walking around trying to locate my phone that had flown off the roof of my car... We couldnt find it so i called the phone companey and had my cell phone turned off.  I had to wait a week before i could get a new phone and had to pay $50.  So overall it turned out to be an expensive night costing total $50 for new phone and $40 to get in to the club.  :[[[[
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